CEDEX colaboration in LIFE MINOx-Street project


The Transport Research Center and the Central Laboratory of Materials and Structures belonging to the CEDEX participate in the MINOx-Street LIFE project (Monitoring and modelling NOx removal efficiency of photocatalytic materials: a strategy for urban air quality management) approved by the EU's financial instrument supporting en-vironmental, nature conservation and climate action projects, LIFE+2012.

Presentation of the physical results and of,, photocatalytic activity of construction material in the project LIFE MINOx-STREET framework


A day of presentations of the laboratory tests performed to characterize the physical properties and photocatalytic activity of both concrete paving and asphalt paving products and photocatalytic tests on different paints for façades.

News release on theLIFE MINOx-STREET Project published by Alcobendas city council


This news was broadcast through 34 digital media outlets.

LIFE MINOx-STREET Project on the radio programme “Eureka”


This morning, RNE’s daily science and technology programme, "Eureka" dedicated a section to discussing the LIFE Minox-STREET initiative undertaken by Ineco and three other Spanish entities, which aims to reduce urban air pollution.

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